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Erreplus Saddle Care and Maintenance

Erreplus Saddlery uses the finest Italian bull double leather for the manufacture of its saddles.  It is 3.3 mm thick and aniline-dyed, to preserve the natural qualities and characteristics of the leather.
To guarantee the best care and maintenance of Erreplus saddles & accessories, we have developed specific leather care products:  
Erreplus Leather Cleaning Foam:  This should be used after each ride, especially in summer, to remove sweat and correct the acidic pH sweat creates.  Bringing the leather back to its natural, neutral pH is essential to maintain its elasticity and natural colour. To use:  After carrying out the Basic Daily Care above, shake the bottle of Cleaning Foam well to activate, spray it onto a clean, soft sponge and gently wipe over all the leather, both outer and inner surfaces.  Afterwards, wash the sponge out with clean water and keep it exclusively for the next application of the Cleaning Foam.
Erreplus Leather Balsam:  This will help to keep the leather soft and grippy, preserving its elasticity and durability over time.  To keep your Erreplus saddle in the best condition, we recommend that the Balsam is used after each ride, or as often as possible. To use:  Using a soft sponge kept exclusively for this purpose, spread a thin layer of balsam all over the saddle, both outer and inner surfaces (but note the comment about girth straps below.)  Leave overnight to allow it to soak in to the leather gently.  The following day, remove any excess balsam with a clean dry cotton cloth and rub gently to ensure it has all been absorbed.  This will preserve and protect the characteristic elasticity and colour of the leather.   Particular attention should be given to the  girth straps.  On all Erreplus saddles the straps are made from a special type of 5 mm thick, very strong and resistant leather.  This should be treated with the Erreplus Balsam no more than twice a year, and only on the top surface of the straps, or they will become elastic and therefore no longer keep the saddle so stable on the horse back.   We also recommend that all girth straps are checked regularly and replaced whenever necessary by our qualified dealers or saddle fitters  for the  personal safety of the rider.  

We can only recommend Erreplus’s specially developed cleaning & care products for the correct maintenance of all Erreplus saddles. Any damage caused by the use of any other leather cleaning & care products; or any kind of adhesive products (for extra grip) on either saddles or riding boots is not covered by the Erreplus Warranty. Please note that all Erreplus saddle trees have life warranty (excluding accidents). All leather parts and stitching have 2 years warranty (excluding accidents).