Doubled Dark Brown
Doubled Black
Doubled Cocoa
Available in version SL
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This new model has a balance point set farther back than other jumping saddles. The tree has been designed to ensure greater support to the rider’s posture. Particularly indicated for those who prefer a more central, deep position of riding.

This saddle has a new very comfortable larger seat made in an innovative and exclusive shock absorbing foam. The innovative padded flaps, are made entirely of doubled bull leather and, thanks to a series of technical features, including new girth-straps and tree points integrated in the panels, they grant an amazing feeling. Flaps are available in different projections, depending on the physical requirements and style of the rider. 

Knee rolls are available at request in two sizes: big for greater knee support and small for major freedom of movement. In addition, as an optional extra, a Velcro attachment is available in the under-flap to reposition or change the set of rolls. 

Our panels are all hand-flocked with synthetic wool and their shape has been developed and adapted accordingly to modern horses shape, which is more compact and muscular. With a larger surface area and a thinner shape they provide an optimal balance, decrease pressure points on the spinal area of the horse and promote closer contact. 

*All our saddles are available in 16/17/18 inch versions. 
*Available with Standard or with SL panels for horses with prominent shoulders.
Available in different flap projections.
Size: 16”/17”/18”
Knee rolls are available at request in two sizes: big (Q) for greater knee support and small (B). Velcro attachment available.
Available with Standard or with SL panels.
Leather colour
Double bull leather: Cocoa, Black, Dark Brown
Your customized saddle
Front and rear piping can be customized. Composite stirrup leather loop available in Black, Grey, Pink Gold.
Colours of composite stirrup leather loop
The CA Saddle, the JF Saddle and the JD Saddle have a customizable composite stirrup leather keeper, available in Grey, Black or Pink Gold.

For more details on our customizations, send an email to
Pink Gold
Would you like to customize your saddle?
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It's recommended to treat the leather of the saddle with the Erreplus Leather Balsam, after having cleaned it with the Erreplus Leather Cleaner.
Why choose a SL panel?
Give your horse the freedom to move in harmony. A horse free to move its shoulders is a horse that performs better,
that more willingly follows the demands of the rider, that strides softly and fluidly, that faces courses and obstacles with greater confidence.
SL panels have been specially designed, together with technical experts in the field, to free the most muscular and pronounced shoulders.
This short panel completely avoids any kind of pressure at scapular level, ensuring a perfect movement of the shoulders.
All this while maintaining a large contact area on the horse.

*Not suitable for horses with prominent withers or with a fine structure